Specialised Fasteners

Manufacturers of Special Bolts and Nuts to Customer Specification. Specialising in U-Eye-J-Foundation and Straining Bolts / Studs.  All types of Screw Cutting and Thread Rolling

40 Years

Tel-Screw has grown over the years without a single sales representative. Our name has spread across South Africa based soley on the quality and service we provide


We have stringent quality procedures in place to ensure quality and customer satisfaction at all times. We are proud of the products that we manufacture as customer specifications are adhered to strictly

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SAP 0163640 Hex head set screw M12x30 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN

SAP 0163642 Hex head set screw M12x40 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN

SAP 0163641 Hex head set screw M12x65 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN

SAP 0080725 Hex head set screw M16x40 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN

SAP 0163638 Hex head set screw M16x65 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN

SAP 0163639 Hex head set screw M20x65 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN

SAP 0222076 Hex head set screw M20x90 cw 1xSW 1xW 1xN